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Agario Hack – Change Your Speed and Size with Our Hack

What is Agario?

Agario is a new viral multiplayer game where big cells eat small cells. In Agario, you will be controlling a single cell across a board that is filled with numerous specks of cells. The cells moving in the board are represented by real life human players. You have to look for smaller cells to eat in order to grow into a bigger cell. You have two enemies, which are the viruses and bigger cells. You must make sure not to get near the viruses or bigger cells, as they will eat you. Both the viruses and bigger cells can divide themselves into smaller blobs to attack you.

If you get chased by a larger cell, you can hide behind a virus to get temporary protection. If you know that you are going to lose the game, make sure you quickly press the spacebar to save the game. Agario supports a team mode where you can invite your friends to play the game with you. In teams mode, you get to choose to be one of the 3 colors including red, green and blue. You should avoid eating speck that has similar color as you. If you notice a bigger blob that would normally pursue you passing by, it is probably because it is being pursued by an even bigger blob so you need to get out of the area as well.


Main Features of Agario Hack Tool

The Agario hack tool can generate various types of cheats to help you win the game faster and become the top scorer on the leaderboard. The zoom cheat allows you to zoom in and zoom out on the board so that you know who is at the left or right. Your opponent won’t know when you use the zoom hack. The speed hack, which increases your speed, is especially useful when you are a big cell. This is because big cells move in a slower speed. You should not use the speed hack if you are a small cell since other players will have noticed that it is not normal for you to move so fast. The double size hack will double the score you earn every time you eat a cell. The invisibility hack will make your cell become invisible so that no one can see you.


Choosing the Best Agario Hack Tool to Download

You will find that there are a lot of hack tools for Agario on the web. You must keep in mind that not all Agario hack tools you found on the web are reliable. Most of them cannot be trusted and simply won’t work. You will also find that many of the hack tools do not work as advertised and generate the cheats you want. For this reason, you should only download the Agario hack tool from an established hack tools site that has good reputation. When doing research, make sure the Agario hack tool is compatible with your mobile device. Usually, the hack tool is compatible with all major mobile devices including Android/iOS smartphones, and tablets.

agario cheats for mobile and pc

status of a working hack


  • God Mode
  • Speed
  • Points Hack
  • Invisibility

How to use it on mobile:

  1. Download the cheat tool to your mobile device (android or ios).
  2. Open the aplication and select your device.
  3. Select features you want to turn on and press “Start”

How to use it on computer:

  1. Download the cheat tool directly to your computer.
  2. Select options you want to activate and press “Start”


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More Information

Online or Downloadable Agario Hack Tool

There are two types of Agario hack tools including online and downloadable hack tools. The online Agario hack tool allows you to generate the cheats for the game without having to download any file. Some online Agario hack tools will ask you for some favors before giving you access for example complete a survey, provide personal information and etc. The reason they do this is to prevent the bot from crawling the online tool. It is also done to prevent rivals who are looking for ways to wipe out competitions on the web.


The downloadable Agario hack requires you to download a software to the device where you want to run the hack tool. Downloadable hack has a higher success rate but they don’t offer as many benefits as the online version. With the online version, the code is automatically inserted into the web browser at the start of the game. There will be options on what cheats you want to apply in the game. If you use the online version of Agario hack tool, you will be notified when there is a cell that is at least two times larger than you so that you won’t get eaten. Besides, the online version will also notify you about the directions  other players are heading towards you.


Security of the Agario Hack Tool

The online Agario hack is completely server based and protected with a secure encryption script. Every single information is encrypted in the huge server so that they cannot track down your identity. The game moderators will never find out that you are cheating when you are using the hack tool. The technician will check the Agario tool regularly to make sure players have no problem using it to cheat the game. New updates will be released for the hack tool from time to time according to the changes that occurred on the game server.


Usability of the Agario Hack Tool

It is very easy to use the hack tool. All you need to do is to select the feature you want from the interface. There is no need to possess any programming skill to use the hack tool. The Agario hack tool is designed to run on all major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. There are step by step instructions on how to use the hack tool to cheat the game so you should have no problem in using it.



In conclusion, the Agario hack tool provides a shortcut for you to win the game and become the best player in the game. Every day more and more people are joining Agario to play the game. With more and more people joining every day, the game gets increasingly tougher. You will find that it is very difficult to win the game without the hack tool. It will take a lot of time to become a skilled player at the game. The Agario cheats tool provides stress relief by giving you all the resources you need to overcome the obstacles.