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blitz brigade cheats

Blitz Brigade – Online FPS Cheats

If you love the legendary FPS game Team Fortress 2, then it is almost certain that you will enjoy this game too. From when it first appeared, this shooter game gets only high marks, and seems to be the new big thing, I do not see the end.

Basically, Blitz Brigade is typical online multiplayer shooter that supports up to 12 simultaneous players, offers five types of characters to choose from, available for a total of 100 different weapons, there is a bunch of vehicles, 120 missions and more.

If that’s not enough, then you will certainly incentive to play at least try out to this free of charge game but as just another game from Gamelofts laboratory, ready to purchase within the game. The game is available on Android and iPhone and iPad.

To make this game even more interesting, we have a few cheats with whom you have so much more fun and laughter.

Blitz Brigade Cheats:

  • Weapons1oo – Unloacks all weapons.
  • Give Me Health – Unlimited health (Works only in campaign mode)
  • Fast4 – Gives your vehicle amazing speed.