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Call of Duty Heroes Hack – Get Unlimited Gold, Celerium and Oil

Can’t live without Call of Duty Heroes? Here is good news for you!!

Now you can dominate the world with your troops effortlessly with Call of Duty Heroes Hack. It is pretty easy, I must say. With this tool, you can add unlimited resources to your player account, including free Gold, Celerium, Oil etc. The tool also allows users to unlock heroes even when they are locked in existing level. The tool has undergone extensive testing and it is compatible to the latest version of your game. It works flawlessly on both Android and iOS. Every day, you can generate up to 5000 Celerium and Oil and Gold can go up to 10 million.


Here’s Why You Should Use Call of Duty Heroes Hack

  • Get enough Celerium to use without running out supplies
  • Fill up your storage with unlimited Oil, Gold and skill points
  • Innovative user interface
  • Shop various items for free (Resources, Defenses, Decoration, Shield etc.)
  • Works on all iOS and Android Devices (with Call of Duty Heroes installed)
  • No Jailbreak or root kit needed


How to Use Call of Duty Heroes Hack Tool?

  • First of all, connect your Android or iOS device to your PC through USB, which has internet connection. (Make sure your device has Call of Duty Heroes installed in it).
  • Go to Call of Duty Heroes Hack tool. Enter your username on the game to sync with your account.
  • Type in the amount of Oil, Celerium and Gold, you need on your account. You may add up to 150,000 of each resource at one time. Well, 150k Celerium is enough to buy lots of cool things for several times in a day.
  • You might want to undergo a security check if it is your first time. It is necessary to avoid spamming bots to enter into your system and break it down. Don’t worry if you have to pass through human verification. It will take hardly 5-6 minutes. You would not have to repeat it again if you have done once.
  • Click “Detect Device” button.
  • Wait for the tool to detect your mobile device successfully and sync the saved data of Call of Duty: Heroes.
  • Wait until the patch finalizes. Disconnect your device and start playing Call of Duty: Heroes.


After getting enough Celerium on your account, you can activate Shield to defend your base against all attacks. You can access infinite Celerium using this hack every day. The best thing is that you can use this tool anytime for free.

call of duty heroes hack




About the Game – Call of Duty: Heroes

Call of Duty: Heroes is a 3D mobile strategy game in which you can feel the thrill of Call of Duty series like never before. In this war strategy installment, you will be commanding the convoy of elite soldiers, legendary heroes, and destructive drones. Here, you will train your defenses and customize your base to overwhelm your foes in fierce battles having epic Kill streaks and controllable heroes.


You have the control on a small outpost to transform it into an impeccable base. Then you will have to launch offensive attacks on your enemies while controlling your heroes like Outrider, Reaper, Price, Ghost, Harper, and Soap. The game also allows you create threatening alliances with your Facebook friends and compete with other players across the world to win in-game rewards.


Simply speaking, the theme of Call of Duty gets the look and feel of Clash of Clans. The game is focused on developing and customizing a 3D military base with barracks, defenses, depots and revenue-generating complexes. You can generate Gold and Oil for the fielding of armored vehicles and troops in a bid and conquer the bases of opponents for resources, experience and to lead the Leaderboards.


Along with the fierce vehicles and troops, players can attack enemy basis with en masse. The game features specific characters from Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. You can control five heroes – Soap MacTavish, Mike Harper, Sergeant Wallcroft, Captain Prince and Yuri.

In a recent update, Ghost is supposed to be the first addition. Each hero has a unique progression mechanism and Killstreak abilities.


On a hands-on spin, I chose Captain Prince and personalized him with my aggressive troops, targeted the defense weapons. When things looked unfavorable, I instantly used his Chopper Gunner Killstreak.


Call of Duty: Heroes is also packed with social features, such as Alliance which works just like de facto clans. You may join the forces with 25 other mates and take on huge superpowers. You can send support to your friends, donate troops, or hoard your munitions and resources for battles where you can fight 1-on-1 matches with your affiliates against other team players.


However, Heroes is more than just a social military game. It has a long campaign of missions where you can play solo. The campaign is categorized into five continents and each of them has pre-built bases to attack. You may progress through the missions and unlock next continents with highest possible scores. You have a lot of things to experience because missions will be unlocked with stronger bases when you go further. You don’t need to go offensive if you choose to play alone. In the survival mode, you will have to face waves of hard-to-beat troops. You have to survive as much as possible to win rewards as resources, experience and premium currency.



Developed by ActiVision, Call of Duty Heroes is a 3D RTS game that comes with lots of amazing features. In this multi-platform game, you may be playing a free user. It means you might find it hard to get enough items to progress through the game or you may do it slower or end up spending real cash.

This way, the Call of Duty Heroes hack tool is the best alternative to inject unlimited Gold, Celerium and Oil for free. With free resources, you may train new and special units and unlock new heroes. This tool will help you level up faster, boost construction time and build strongest base possible.