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Dragon City Hack – 999,999 Gems Generator Cheat

Are you finding it hard to breed the dragons and build a dragon master for your team? If you have been trying it for a long time to get improved powers for your dragon, then we have something for you. We understand that there are hosts of things to be done like feeding the dragon, bringing new creatures and providing them with great powers. Our new Dragon City Hack tool might help you out as it provides you with host of resources like gold, gems, food and various things that would help you in spicing up your favorite game.

Mobile hack display for android/ios and computer version of the hack.

Hack Features:

  • Add food, gems or gold directly to your account.
  • Add Instant Dragons (Option).
  • Add Instant Buildings (Option).
  • Level Up Instantly.


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In this game you are fighting out with various players having huge dragons with exceptional powers. They would use all the possible tactics to beat you out in the stadium and score more points on the board. This is where our hack tool proves to be useful as it helps you get access to more than hundreds of dragons. Whether you play it on Facebook or your android phone, this hack will help you out to level up the dragon and get a Dragon master. We have also included a video tutorial for your guidance to help you out in your campaign.

Dragon is city is one of the most addictive games that has been trending on Facebook. Just start playing the game and experience it by using our hack tool. Along with powerful hybrid dragons you also get to send gifts to your friends and build magical buildings. All this is possible for free through our cheat. You don’t need to waste your time trying to gain points and then breed the dragon. You don’t need to check the updates from time to time as our hack tool will automatically update your game and give your team the extra powers required to face other groups of dragons.

One of the most difficult things is to train the dragons and use them effectively in the fights. If you don’t have the right skill at the right time or you don’t have all the resources then the other players will possibly gain an edge over you. With our cheat you get to breed and combine all the 10 hybrids of dragons to give your team the boost against other leaders on the board. Using our hack will make all this easier and a matter of seconds for you.