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Magic Rush: Heroes Hack – Get Unlimited Diamonds & Gold


Playing Magic Rush: Heroes for a long time but struck somewhere? We have a breakthrough deal for you!!

We proudly present you Magic Rush: Heroes Hack tool for Android and iOS users. The game features the ideal mix of tower defense, RTS and RPG games with loads of daily tasks and game modes. It is one of the most interesting and amazing programs and supports almost all smart devices. It works tremendously well without any kind of ads and errors. It comes with some of the special and unique options like diamonds, gold and stamina. With a few clicks, one can easily activate it in their device. It also comes with guard protection script and private proxy support. No Jailbreak needed!


The Magic Rush: Heroes Hack tool is simply a great program which is used to hack the most addictive tower defense game Magic Rush: Heroes. It has a neat tower defense mode and insanely stunning graphics. The tool can provide you the access to best resources and heroes to battle against top enemies. It works well on all devices, including Moto X, Note 3, Moto G, Note 4, Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 4. It is virus-free, safe, useful and anti-banned program developed for the gamers.


It features auto-update option to automatically update to the latest version. So, you don’t have to download the tool over and over again.



How to Use Magic Rush: Heroes Hack?

  • Download Magic Rush: Heroes Hack on your device with Magic Rush: Heroes installed.
  • Launch the tool
  • Connect your device to PC via USB
  • Choose your platform – Android or iOS and select “Connect Device” option
  • Enter the features and desired amount of resources and click “Start Hack”
  • Wait and restart the game to look for the update stats


This is known to be the best tool to hack Magic Rush: Heroes. To conquer the PVP and game with others, you will need lots of gold, diamonds, stamina and strongest heroes. This is a cheat that can load you with unlimited stamina, gold and diamonds. This cheat works on both iOS and Android devices.


Tested Devices

  • iOS – iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s
  • Android – LG G3, HTC One M8, Moto G, Moto X, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Note 3, Nexus 4, Note 4, Nexus 5


In Magic Rush: Heroes, you can win thousands of gold by leading legendary heroes in epic gameplay. With this Magic Rush: Heroes hack tool, you can get up to 15000 Diamonds, 15000 Gold and refill your Stamina with one click to rule the kingdom. You can develop your skills by winning the battle with enough resources available and upgrade your kingdom.


Is it Safe for Smartphone?

Magic Rush: Heroes is completely safe game so you can feel comfortable. You don’t need extra option on the device and download it directly on your device through USB. It comes with antivirus protection and ban-protection. You can get all the advantages of this tool with few clicks.

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About Magic Rush: Heroes

Are you ready to get into the tower defense mode completely?

The Magic Rush: Heroes combine tower defense strategy with RPG gaming. All you need to help your heroes to upgrade so they can be invincible.  It is the first revolutionary combo of PVP Ladder Tourney mode, skill-aiming controls, addicting yet simple Tower Defense, and exciting multiplayer gameplay. The game allows you to feel the thrill of several different genres wrapped up in one game. So, start your unforgettable journey you will be proud of.  Here’s what Magic Rush: Heroes all about.

Real Time Battles

When you enter the new war fantasy world, you will be enthralled with fast-paced gameplay, insane graphics and intensity of the challenge. In the real-time battles, you can easily participate in PVP combat in Arena Mode. To be the invincible victorious, you have to face off against limitless monsters and keep fighting for the good of your empire. It has deadly combination of heroes that are really amazing when their skills work with each other to your advantage.

The game is free to play but this game needs internet connection. It needs latest update of iOS and Android because several improvements have been made with some new levels in it.


Skill Aiming

While casting skills, you may choose directions or targets manually. It has precise controls to silence, knock, stun, heal, and airborne to call the shots. You may also interrupt the skills of your enemy. Master this mixture of tactics and strategy for the sake of victory.

Train Your Heroes

The game is full of hero occupations, hundreds of unique skills and loads of heroes. You may try various combinations of heroes to attack with storm. There are several unique abilities to upgrade and unlock new weapons, enhance equipments and rune inlays.

Make Your Own War Strategy

Upgrade your techs., build city, and dispatch your armies to use resources from enemies. You may be able to create alliances with loads of players from different parts of the world to thrive and survive in this war-oriented landscape. It will make you dominant alliance who knows nothing but conquering his enemies.

Ladder Tourney

The game features cross-server, global Player vs. Player Arena with turn-based pick/ban phase so you can level up the playing ground. According to your own strategy, you may ban the heroes of your opponents and win amazing rewards in each season.

Consistent Updates

The hard-working developers are improving and upgrading the experience with new heroes, gameplay, in-game events and so on. The developers also give weekly updates according to the suggestions and feedbacks of users.

Tower Defense

The game is based on the whole-new “Hero Tower Defense” which cleverly combines the game heroes with loads of amazing designed stages, exciting battles and one-of-its-kind map creations. Overall, it is just about having a fun experience.


To conclude, the Magic Rush: Heroes is the best game for the gamers who want to get into a whole new world of adventure. You will completely be immersed and hooked as you are leading your heroes in real time.